Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind


It's 2022!  It's our fifth season and our second year of pandemic and we have no idea what's in store for any of us.  We DO know that we will have something to say about it.  Join us on Zoom for all the of funny, thoughtful, musical, obscure and thoroughly UNusual shenanigans.  


Pay What-You-Will: $10-$20 

Original, Interactive, Accessible Entertainment at UNbelievably Low Prices

UnLike anything you've ever seen.

Six_sided_dice GREEN.png
Six_sided_dice GREEN.png


Sat. Jan. 29 - 9pm EST

Sun. Jan. 30- 6pm EST

Sat. Feb. 26 - 9pm EST

Sun. Feb. 27- 6pm EST

Sat. Mar. 26 - 9pm EST

Sun. Mar. 27- 6pm EST

Six_sided_dice GREEN.png
Six_sided_dice GREEN.png
Ticketing Process

How it works:


We: Write, memorize, and stage 30 original short plays

You: choose the order we perform them in

Together: We start a clock and attempt to perform all 30 plays in one hour

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