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Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind


UnTheatre Co is delighted to bring back in-person performances after two years! 

Saturday, August 13th at 9pm

Sunday, August 14th at 6pm

Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind: an ever-changing attempt to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes back in Detroit at Matrix Theatre Company.  

We are LIVE...INTERACTIVE...and now IN YOUR FACE with our visual, aurally, spiritually, sexily, sloppily, precisely, hilariously, seriously, abstractly engaging art!  We promise you will have a great or terrible time...who knows?!

Tickets are $15-$25 Pay-What-You-Will

Original, Interactive, Accessible Entertainment at UNbelievably Low Prices

UnLike anything you've ever seen.

Six_sided_dice GREEN.png
Six_sided_dice GREEN.png

Zoom is a different matter so take a lookat the ticketing process --------->

Click above to be taken to ticket sales

Upcoming Dates:

To Be Announced

In Detroit?  Join us August 13 and 14 for our in-person show!

Six_sided_dice GREEN.png
Six_sided_dice GREEN.png
Ticketing Process

Interested in Joining In The Chaos...errr We Mean Anarchy...crap, we meant to say FUN!

Keep an eye out for details regarding ongoing open auditions!

How it works:


We: Write, memorize, and stage 30 original short plays

You: choose the order we perform them in

Together: We start a clock and attempt to perform all 30 plays in one hour

Have we piqued your interest? Click below to learn more!

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