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Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

an attempt to perform

30 plays in 60 minutes

UnLike anything you've ever seen.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, 

You'll get woke.

Your next #BestNightEver:

A new run in the new year!

Performance Schedule



Sat. Jan. 11 @ 8pm

Sun. Jan. 12 @ 6pm

Sat. Jan. 18 @ 8pm

Sun. Jan. 19 @ 6pm

Fri. Jan. 24 @ 11pm – Durrty 30

Sat. Jan. 25 @ 8pm

Sat. Jan. 25 @ 11pm – Durrty 30

Sun. Jan. 26 @ 6pm

Sat. Feb. 1 @ 8pm

Sun. Feb. 2 @ 6pm

Sat. Feb. 8 @ 8pm

Sun. Feb. 9 @ 6pm

Fri. Feb. 14 @ 11pm – Durrty 30

Sat. Feb. 15 @ 8pm

Sat. Feb. 15 @ 11pm – Durrty 30

Sun. Feb. 16 @ 6p

Find us at:
Matrix Theatre Company
2730 Bagley St.
Detroit 48216



Regular shows:

     At the door: $15 + the roll of a 6-sided die

     Online: $21 plus fees, refunded the roll of a 6-sided die at the door

Durrty 30:

     At the door: The resulting roll of a 10-sided die

     Online: $11 plus fees, refunded the roll of a 10-sided die at the door

Discounts: All discounts are applied at the door

    Regular Shows:

          At the door: $10 base price plus the roll of a 6-sided die

          Online: $21 plus fees, refunded the total of the roll of a 6-sided die plus 5 at the door


    Durrty 30: No discounts apply.


UnTheatre Co. is proud to offer discounts to:


Union Members, Teachers, Students, Seniors, Active Duty & Retired Military personnel, and First Responders & Medical Professionals

Six_sided_dice GREEN.png

How it works:


We: Write, memorize, and stage 30 original short plays

You: choose the order we perform them in

Together: We start a clock and attempt to perform all 30 plays in one hour

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